People Development is Country Development

When Economy & Lifestyle of People develops then only Country Develops.
Today if we see the data
appx.30% of population has Loan Life,
40% living below poverty level Life,
20% People are living Good Life with corporate Pressure &
10% People are living Happy Life.


Demands Fighting for Rights more...

  • JOB After Education Direct JOB appointment & including Job Skill Training facility.
  • JOB Old candidates should be trained & appointed to JOB including JOB safety.
  • Business Industry Sales are DOWN , So We Want INCREASE in Industry Sales.
  • JOB To every Employee there should be min.Salary of Rs.25000/- Pm. (Pvt. or Govt.) ( inflation should not effect )
  • PESNION PENSION income should not be decreased after Retirement (Govt. & Pvt )
  • PESNION PENSION facility for every senior citizen should be atleast Min.Rs.25000/- Pm.
  • PESNION Health & Hospital facilities should be Un-Conditional to all Pensioners.
  • BUSINESS Govt.or Pvt. Sector should create sales to all Entrepreneurs to get handsome income ( appx.Min.1 Lac Pm excluding expenses of shop & utilities ).


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CONGRESS BJP has failed to provide 2 Cr.Per year JOBS. --Rahul Gandhi

BJP CONGRESS has failed to remove poverty & also in providing JOBS. --Amit Shah

70 Crore Population & ONLY
3 Cr. Govt. JOBS in INDIA